Wednesday, July 23, 2008 Community Safety Investigation

IKEA Furniture in Emeryville, California has wrongfully injured a customer and refused to be responsible for anything including hospital bills.

IKEA Home Furnishings uses their cheapest chairs and stools in their restaurant, and IKEA Emeryville negligence has been caught on camera for two years.

Serious injury or death has not been enough to motivate IKEA to stop allowing their furniture to fall apart when customers sit down. The broken chairs should be checked daily and there is just no other solution as long as such a low-grade of chair or stool is used in a restaurant with commercial traffic all day long. Pregnant women are especially at risk, but nobody should put in harms way.

We have recently contacted IKEA customers world-wide to see if other stores are guilty of this same neglect. We encourage public participation and especially if you are an IKEA customer.  Please stay tuned to our news website: